Saturday, November 19, 2011

A new kind of spy

Anyone who has gone to the International Spy Museum has seen all the different was the Intelligence Community has tried to cleverly spy on its adversaries. Flying objects have been tried before but none like this before. "The Nano Hummingbird navigates by changing the angle and shape of its paper-thin wings—which beat 20 to 40 times per second—and can hover in place for up to 11 minutes. It is also small enough to fly through windows or other small openings, strong enough to carry a microphone or camera, and stable enough to maintain a highly controlled hover, even in gusts of wind." I mean, it will still it's's
not like a hummingbird could come hovering into a cocktail party inconspicuously. Well, at least not without the chance of some timid party attender afraid it is a big bug swatting at it with her jeweled clutch. There would go who knows how many million of dollars of tech.

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