Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Best Toy for Any Kid or Inquisitive Adult Alike

I feel like a kid again.  I just have so many questions I want to ask, and I just don't know where to start or for that matter, where to stop.  I start with an easy one - "Is it going to rain today?" It takes no more than a second, and she replies that it does not look like there will be any rain. What should I ask next?  I think for a moment and then decide to get a little more creative...really test out how smart she is.  I ask if there are any dog parks nearby.  Immediately, she brings up a list of the 10 closest places for me to take my babies for some play time.  Okay, this seems too easy...I really need to test her out now.  I ask her to send a text message to my mom.  She then asks me who my mom is and after giving her my mom's name, I can dictate a message to her.  HA!  No more texting while driving for me...(I really only did that at stoplights, when stopped, so keep the nasty comments to a minimum here).  Now I start going crazy.  I have to find out everything she can and cannot do for me. There seems to be no limit...until...I ask her why my Twitter account is not working.  At first, she tells me she would rather not say.  Now that, I found rather amusing.  She is toying with me now.  Then she says that she cannot help me with Twitter but suggests that she can search on Safari if I would like.  OMG!  How will life ever be the same.
Now let me digress for one minute...Twitter stopped working today for some unknown reason. Not only could Siri not tell me what was wrong but apparently neither could anyone else.  It is amazing to me that apparently, the only way to know what is and is not going on with Twitter is via Twitter so if it goes down, people do not know how to otherwise communicate about it.  Okay...back on topic...
Yes, I got my new iPhone 4s today. I am one of those "early adopters" that Apple knows and loves.  I cannot seem to go more than a few months without the latest and greatest. My husband has to be pretty damn proud of me making it as long as I did without making the change, especially with all the torturous commercials that Apple put us all through this holiday season.  Then on top of that, all my friends who had one just had to show me how great Siri was.  I have been jonesing for one since the first commercial where people are asking for reminders and dining advice and directions...heck, the phone seemed to practically use itself.  No wonder Apple has been selling out just about everyday all over the country.
How Apple took voice recognition from only understanding one in about every 50 things I said on my iPhone 4 to being able to write emails, research the web, learn about me and my family, and tell me how to bury a body...not like I ever need to know that but it seems to be a favorite question to ask Siri according to several things I have read about it so far...I will never know.  Just another mystery that is Apple.  That is why there are so many of us early adopters.  They just keep making things so much better than before.  They seem to find a way, with every new product, to make me feel like I did every Christmas when I would run up the stairs at the crack of dawn to see what Santa had left me.  The joy of discovering for the next 6 months (or more) all the really cool things that this new gadget can do, just in time for me to buy the newest, the greatest, the latest....that is what Apple knows how to create.
So enough babbling here as I have a new toy to play with!  What question do you have for Siri?  Come know you want to ask one!  I think I am going to see how many times I can ask her "why?" about something before she throws up her ... well ... before she says "I'd rather not say."

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